Accounting for NONaccountants…

Hello to everybody, who need to have access to accounting by their own will or not!

Our team decided to regularly dedicate some part of our time, in order to create short and clear advices and reminders, addressed mostly to the owners of businesses, their managers or directors. Every and each one of should have an accountant, but we have found out that, pretty often it happens not to receive adequate answers by them in a language understandable for you or not to receive any information at all, which in the end of the day you need, to be up to date with the regulatory requirements relevant for your business.

We start this rubric with the pleasant feeling that it will be useful for our clients and for other people as well.

If any of you decides that needs more detailed information about any of the subjects – we remain at your disposal.

So, expect us soon on your screens!

With wishes for a lot smiles and fruitful work,

tel: 02/9950020

+359888420583 Magi Bogdanova


+359887853280 Galya Stoykova


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