Warning! 3 basic issues not to be neglected!!!

  1. When your accountant says for every of your wishes or decisions – Yes, sure no problem! – believe us, there is a PROBLEM!!! Behind this answer you will find shallow or no knowledge, or an attempt to satisfy all your desires. In both scenarios you are repressed!
  2. When your accountant does not send you mails, nor invites you for a conversation at least once a month! So far so good, nobody is bothering you with anything additional, so you are concentrated on your work. But this means that he/she is not interested in the changes, does not think about your business, meaning there is nothing to talk to you about or you have ignored many times his/her attempts to talk to you. In all scenarios you are repressed!
  3. When your accountant has a cheap price and does not change it with years. Again this is good for you, you have minimized the cost for this service! But think, with a low cost who can maintain good software, participate in trainings, purchase specialized literature, consult with other specialists. Most probably not! So, think again – does this fact makes you feel calm? We will disappoint you – most probably you are repressed!

We know that in order to have growing and stable business, you need to make a lot of things. But if you really want to have a business like that, you will need to learn how to delegate a lot of your duties. One of the obligatory duties is the accounting. You will find an accountant who will take care for this part of your business. In order not to find out that under the calm surface of the water there are a lot of underwater rocks, the owner of the business should pay attention on these 3 issues from time to time. If you have read them and you think that this is not relevant for you, accept our congratulations! You have found diligent and dedicated colleague! But if you find yourself there, please pay attention and talk with the current colleague, check if the things will change. But if this situation stays as a tendency, make the decision and do not let your business in these inappropriate hands!

If you have decided not to wait but to act – make an appointment with our team! Let us know about your problems, wishes and goals, so together we will find the best and fastest.

With best wishes for your business!


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